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Boy Hits Car nationwide debut album Boy Hits Car was released January of 2001 on Creed’s record label Wind-Up Records. As of this node, they have yet to pickup speed and become an overplayed radio-god, however soon everyone will hear their songs once and love them. Everyone will hear them again and again and will love them even more, but eventually they’ll become overplayed. Everyone will throw their favorite new CD out the window in disgust. As of now however, they are an exciting original blend of System of a Down and Incubus.

“Can you see the line where the water ends. Throws itself off into oblivion” -Boy Hits Car, Man Without Skin

I was in New Jersey visiting relatives and on the cusp of having to select a college. My parents, realizing we were not far away, decided we'd go visit Princeton, to at least get the drill of visiting a college down. After the tour, and a stop in town, we were waiting in our white Taurus station wagon to turn onto a tree-lined road when we noticed two children and their mother bicycling towards us. Knowing the propensity of a child on a bicycle to veer erratically, my father waited for them.

The boy, who was no more than eight years old, was first. Riding a small BMX bike, he rode towards us. Closer he came without braking, until his bicycle hit the passenger side of the car, his helmet striking the hood loudly as momentum caused his body to continue moving forward. The first words he said to us were "I'm sorry," and I believed him. His mother and sister rode up as we turned off the car and checked the damage. He had left a small dent in the hood, which was no big deal. We made sure that he was okay, checking for a concussion, and they continued upon their way.

Not wanting to run any risks, my father called the police so that he could file an accident report. A police officer arrived, took down the story, and then said, "Well, I guess I can't charge you with anything." This shocked my family, as nothing criminal had occurred -- we were trying to do the Right Thing by contacting the police. This would be the start of my reduced opinion of law enforcement, which would lead eventually to an unflattering view.

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