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An awesome punk band from San Jose, CA that formed in 1997. Style: aggressive melodic punk (that whats on their website and it sounds good to me) BKG is: Brett "One-eyed" Hold - drums, environmetalist, single; "evil" Kevin La Bounty - songwriting, lyrics, guitars, lead vocals, artwork, sushi addict, filthy language, married; and Brandon "Wayne" Paski - bass, freestyle walker, Wayneologist, backup vocals, poop; They really have some, um...interesting songs. They have quite a few songs downloadable in MP3 format from MP3.com.

My favorite songs available on MP3.com: Denny's Girl, Killing You (1996), Little Things, and Waste of Time.

Public Display of Aggression -- self-released (1998)
...or something like that -- self-released (1997)
Girls Kicks Ass -- self-released (1999)
Eat Me, Beat Me, Raw and Live! -- self-released (1997) only 32 tapes produced
Plus they are on a bunch of compliations.


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