Iuma.com offered $5000 to ten newborns who were named after the website.

The first "winner" was Iuma Dylan-Lucas who was born 11 August 2000 in Kansas.

The "winners" father plays in a band who promote themselves through the website.

You know... I suppose in many ways a name is a name is a name... but something about that strikes me as just plain wrong... would you name your child "McDonald's" if someone out there was willing to give you money for it? I suppose it's possible someone might...

But it's frightening. Have we lost the significance of names in our society enough for this to really be plausible? I'm not really sure if Andy has all that much significance either, besides the fact that it's what I respond to... would I feel cheapened knowing that I got that name for money?

And would I really mind that much if that money was put into a nice IRA or Cisco stock for me at the age of one month?

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