Brijole is, I beleive, Italian in origin and if made corectly is absolutely delicious. Although easy to make, it is time consuming. My mother only makes it on Christmas Eve as for this very reason. This node explains they way Brijole is made in my family, other's may do it differently.

  1. Start with a piece of flank steak. Slice it horizontally along the middle so that you end up with two relatively thin slices of the same shape.
  2. This bit varies widely. You could stuff the brijole with just about anything, I suppose. My family's recipe is simple. Paremsean cheese, salt, pepper, and lots and lots of garlic.
  3. Next, roll the steak into a nice tube shape and secure it with kitchen string (I've heard of toothpicks being used as well, but I beleive string would hold better, and besides, struggling to cut the string when you eat it is half the fun)
  4. Cook it in your sauce like you would a meatball or sausage (first put it in the pan without the sauce to brown slightly and get some of the juices/grease into the pot; cook your sauce as you normally would, then add the meat a little while before dinnertime to cook it the rest of the way and let the sauce cook into a bit. This also adds flavor to your sauce).
  5. Enjoy! Preferrably with pasta of your choosing. I'm partial to baked pasta's with brijole myself - lasagna, stuffed shells, baked ziti's, etc).

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