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Bradley's Spanish Bar is located at 42-44 Hanway Street, just off Oxford Street in London. The nearest tube station is Tottenham Court Road which is on the Central and Northern Lines. The bar is a short walk from Tottenham Court Road station (less than five minutes unless you're weaving around from previous drinking).

This delightful low-ceilinged hideout off Oxford Street introduces a welcome dose of Latin warmth and colour into the chain-infested hinterland of shopsville.

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It's split into two bars, one accessible through a door straight off the street, and the other down a short but very steep staircase. Both bars are small, dark, cramped, noisy, smoky and Hispanically themed. If you're in a mood to go somewhere different which is very slightly off the beaten track then Bradley's Spanish Bar could be just the place.

Bradley's jukebox is a must-hear and the draught San Miguel is ideal for taking the edge off a London summer thirst. The backstreet location has helped it remain a locals' favourite.

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I have been reliably informed that the gents is 'quite titchy' and would go as far to say that the ladies toilet reminded me of a plumbed-in coffin. Perhaps the best word to describe the whole of the bar, including the two 'smallest rooms', is quirky.

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