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Bradley Fighting Vehicle is a brutal musical machine from Charlotte, NC. Featuring members of another Charlotte area band, Hopesfall. This side project is a creative outlet for these musicians to make music that is fun and maybe even inject a little humor into the NC music scene.

Bradley Fighting Vehicle takes it's mission very seriously, which is to destroy the enemy through amplified sound. Who is the enemy? Who knows? Battles are fought in the form of shows, where soldiers (fans) gather to support their leaders. The BFV leaders dress in their army uniforms, paint their faces, and sing songs about being in the army. A few of the songs in the arsenal of this killing machine are "I Pulled Your Ass Out of the Burning Wreckage in WW2", "You're Dead", and "Oh No Landmine!".

The music of BFV can best be described as ultra-fast hardcore, or grindcore. Songs are generally a few seconds to about a minute. Needless to say, Bradley Fighting Vehicle's battles are swift and decimating to the enemy. The motto of these war heroes is their anthem: We Will Bury You. This war propaganda is emblazoned across camouflage tshirts and screamed at every opportunity by their faithful soldiers.

The members of this elite fighting squad hide behind aliases to protect their identities. They are:
  • The General - guitar/vocals
  • The Sergeant - guitar
  • The Corporal - bass/vocals
  • The Lieutenant - drums

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