Brantford, Ontario, Canada, the cradle of hockey greats, like The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, and the not-as-great one, Keith Jones (yay Jonesy!). Must be something in the water.

Medium sized city of approximately 90,000, located along the shores of the Grand River, in Southwest Ontario. Previously, its prime industries were in the manufacturing of auto parts and farm machinery, however, Brantford lost these industries in the late 70's and early 80's. Since then, it has struggled with balooning unemployment and the death of its downtown area. However, the times appear to be changing for the city, as a slew of commercial industry as well as the presence of a casino have given a much needed boost to the city. Currently, massive development is taking place in the northeast corner of the city, with the completion of a new North-South parkway (Wayne Gretzky Parkway), combined with commercial development in the Lynden Park Mall area have brought a new life to this once proud city. The city's claim to fame is in that it is the birthplace of Wayne Gretzky. In addition, the telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in Brantford, and it is the home of James Hillier (inventor of the electron microscope).

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