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Brave Combo is a band whose music is not easily categorized, but both they and their music are incredibly fun. Their albums feature polka, salsa, cumbia, conjunto, zydeco, the Twist, acid rock, bubblegum, and more. It's world music with a strong rock feel. My favorite trick of theirs is the way they take old favorites and play them in totally new styles. (for example, the O Holy Night Cha Cha Cha)

Brave Combo was founded in Denton, TX, in 1979 by Carl Finch (vocals, guitar, piano, accordion), Tim Walsh (saxophones, clarinet, percussion, vocals), Lyle Atkinson (bass, tuba, percussion), and Dave Cameron (drums, percussion, steel drums). Over the years, members have come and go; founder Carl Finch remains. The current lineup includes Finch, longtime members Jeffrey Barnes (saxophone, clarinet, harmonica, flute, vocals) and Bubba Hernandez (bass,tuba,vocals), and relative newcomers Danny O'Brian (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Paul Stivitts (drums, percussion).

Brave Combo has always been a group of excellent musicians, individually and as a band. They're very very popular in Japan, and have a small but devoted following in the United States. Their album Polkasonic won the 1999 Grammy for best polka album, a significant achievement for a band that plays such an eclectic mix of polkas. Their Christmas album was recorded in the middle of the summer for Japanese audiences.

US Releases
Polkamania - 1979
Music For Squares - 1981
Urban Grownups - 1982
Originals - 1982
World Dance Music - 1984
No Sad Faces - 1984
Musical Varieties - 1987
Polkatharsis - 1987
Humansville -1988
A Night on Earth - 1990
It's Christmas, Man - 1992
No, No, No, Cha Cha Cha - 1993
Hokey Pokey - 1994
Polkas For a Gloomy World - 1995
Girl (with Tiny Tim) - 1996
Mood Swing Music - 1996
Kiss of Fire (with Lauren Agnelli) - 1996
Group Dance Epidemic - 1997
Polka Party - 1998
Polkasonic - 1999
The Process- 2000
All Wound Up! - 2001
Foreign Releases
People Are Strange - 1986 (UK)
Music Circus - 1989 (Japan)
Very Early Recordings - 1990 (Japan)
ÉÉjhanaika - 1991 (Japan)
No, No, No, Cha Cha Cha - 1992 (Japan)
It's X-MAS, Man! - 1992 (Japan)
Ondo Saves The World - 1993 (Japan)
Allumettes - 1994 (Japan)

Thanks to http://www.brave.com/bo for information on the band.

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