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Break of Dawn is the first album released by the Japanese band Do As Infinity (Or DAI for short).

Break of Dawn does a wonderful job of defining DAI's own style of music. With every song on the album, DAI creates a new style. If the first song captures you, the variation of the album will hold you until the end. Some people would call this album Jpop. I feel that DAI is genre-less, and their sound can only be described as DAI.

Album Details

Title: Break of Dawn
Band: Do As Infinity
Cover: http://www.do-as-infinity.com/images/disco/bod.jpg
Publisher: Avex Trax
Release Date: March 23, 2000
Number of Songs: 11-13

Song Titles

01 - Break of Dawn
02 - Standing on the Hill
03 - Oasis
04 - Another
05 - Kokoro no Chizu
06 - Heart
07 - Raven
08 - Welcome!
09 - Painful
10 - Tangerine Dream
11 - Yesterday and Today
12 - Chiriyuku Yuube (acoustic) (Only in Japan version)
13 - Oasis (acoustic) (Only in Japan version)
(Information obtained at http://www.yesasia.com and http://www.do-as-infinity.com)

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