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As emo becomes mainstream, many lament the change in its tonalities, qualities, and well, values. Never fear! Emo lives pure as ever! From the suburbs of Philly comes an indie rock trio by the name of Breaking Pangaea. Two descriptions exist for the music they play: (1) emo; (2) damn good rock.


Fred Macherino - Guitar, Vocals
Clint Stelfox - Bass, Piano
Will Noon - Drums, Vocals

Making their first appearance at a college party in Ohio, the band managed to interest the crowd enough to turn their heads and listen. They played their first show in January 2000, opening for Silent Majority and The Movielife. Their talent was quickly recognized, and they released an EP through Undecided Records in September 2000. The band is on a seemingly infinite tour at the moment, so check out www.breakingpangaea.com to check 'em out.


  • Take Apart the Words (EP - 2000)

    1. The Last
    2. Colors on the Inside
    3. Under the Talking
    4. The Truth
    5. Lullaby

  • Cannon to a Whisper (LP - 2002)

    1. Sick Day
    2. Wedding Dress
    3. Suspended
    4. Skylight
    5. For a Word
    6. The New Sound
    7. ...And They Still Hated It
    8. Part
    9. Walrus
    10. Turning

Download Take Apart the Words, save maybe Under the Talking. Then try Suspended, ...And They Still Hated It, and The New Sound. All their stuff is pretty good, so if you like what you hear, get it all. Enjoy!

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