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Your words, your thoughts
I can see patterns down there
There are certain things you keep within arm's reach of your thoughts
A keychain for your mind, bookmarks, fortune cookies, breast pockets

I can see patterns rotating
You forget as you remember, you can't help it
Like trying to keep two sides of a cube on the ground at once

I can see patterns in your makeup
Maybe that's the way you practice,
These clothes, falling off the bone
Practice does not make perfect, just preparedness

I can see patterns in the way you glow
Like a traffic light, not exactly a miracle
We can see it coming a full block away
Shine on, just in time

I can see patterns in your subconsciousness
The limbs you choose to jump to, no peeking!
What you'll use to fill in these lines
Mine are dictated, not created
And more a soulful natural beauty than yours could ever hope to be
(Still insisting that irony is dead?)

I can see patterns in the way you scrape, you beg
You beg
You let yourself become thirsty every day
But this is already seeming pedestrian...
...I can see patterns in the way you finish

I can see patterns in your desperation
I see them in your escape,
They come cycling and tumbling back like memories,
But then again, that's all reminders are, right?
Was it me?
Of course not

I can see patterns in your happiness
I can break them
I just might

Clarity is never a pattern
Clarity is always something new
I can see heaven in your patterns
Heaven is not clear
And you're not a pattern

Though still,
I will not un-see.


Dedicated, with all due respect, to the man.

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