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She twists tight ringlets around her fingers, smirks and looks up to see him watching her.

Nothing felt behind dull eyes and breathy whispers.
Promises of something greater, something unattainable.

Baffle me with your courage,
kill me with your kindness,
just give me a reason to hate you.

She begs this of hands that pin her down;
hands that steal her of something bitter.
Screams not something that can actually escape,
they don't need to, because they know.
They are the only things that know of this.
Those dull eyes, on fire with some far-off rage;
screeching defeat at her in one false swoop.

She collapses in the street,
drained of life's bittersweet blessings.
Tears don't need to come
like the screams, only they know.

Pale hands clutching pale throat in the night.

Kill me with your courage,
sicken me with your kindness,
steal me with your rage.

Just breathe...
breathe again.

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