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The Breitling Emergency is an interesting wristwatch made by (surprise!) Breitling. This heavy-duty unique watch has a built-in radio transmitter, and may be used should one be stranded due to an emergency, such as a plane crash or a boat sinking.

The watch is made in Switzerland, and the radio transmitter is made by Dassault A.T., a French company. The transmitter operates on one of the international emergency frequencies, 121.5MHz. Most military installations and emergency organizations monitor these frequencies 24 hours a day.

In the event of an emergency, the user would unscrew an antenna knob on the lower right-hand side of the watch. Inside the tube is a wire antenna. The transmitter will automatically transmit once the antenna is deployed. If the watch is used for a bona-fide emergency, Breitling will re-condition the watch and reset the transmitter for you. If a watch is used during a non-emergency, you can get in trouble with the local law enforcement folks and Breitling won't reset the watch.

The US Navy was offering these watches at a discount to some of their aviators. The watch is extremely expensive, and comes with a case and a video on how to operate the unit.

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