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The Breslover sect of Hasidism was founded by Rabbi Nachman (1772-1810), of Breslov, Ukraine. Rabbi Nachman was the grandson of the Baal Shem Tov, the original founder of Hasidism. His followers often refer to him as "The Rebbe", but then again all Hasidim refer to the Rabbi that they follow as The Rebbe. Large numbers of Breslover Hasidim travel to Rabbi Nachman's grave in Uman, Ukraine, every year for the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. One account of this pilgramage is at http://www.pinenet.com/~rooster/uman.html.

The Breslov religious philosophy stresses happiness and intense emotion. Breslovers also practice hisboddidus ("making oneself alone") an hour spent every day in addition to the three formal prayers, during which a Hasid talks to God in any language or formulation that he should chose. Breslov Hasidism also places a huge emphasis on song, and there have been a number of albums released by Yosef Karduner, Rabbi David Raphael ben Ami, Avraham Leib Bornstein, and others.

While Breslov Hassidus definitely still exists as a sect, it has no formal centralized leadership. That is, instead of following a living Rabbi, Breslover Hasidim follow a dead one, Rabbi Nachman. There is, however, a chain of Breslover Rabbinic transmision, whose current leaders lead communities in Jerusalem, Bnei Barak, Modiin, Betar and Safed, Israel, as well as smaller groups of adherents in America.

Breslover Hasidism does not proscibe a specific uniform like most other sects do, though many members still wear bekeshes (black coats) and streimels (round fur hats).

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