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Brian Transeau, also known as BT, is a 28 year old electronic music producer for his own projects, alongside film & console game soundtracks. His interest began early at the age of 4, when Transeau began learning classical music.

BT has worked on many commercial releases with popular, and to some annoying, artists such as Madonna, Tori Amos and Seal. Recently he has moved into the more obscure range of collaborations with people such as Sasha, Paul Van Dyk, DJ Rap and a vocalist for Soul Coughing named Dougherty.

Signed to Paul Oakenfold's Perfecto label in 1995, Bt went on from producing house music in the early 90's to expressing what some refer to as his 'organic' style in trance music. His early release, Ima, set the stage for his commercial work, including Sarah McLachlan and Sasha.

ESCM, Bt's 2nd album provided BT with the opportunity to further explore other regions of style, and dropped a house anthem called Flaming June that became very popular.

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