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Briarcliff Lodge was built in 1902 as a summer resort by Walter Law. Located in Briarcliff Manor, New York, the sprawling tudor-style mansion served as a resort hotel until 1936, when it was converted into the Edgewood Park School. When the school relocated in 1953, the property was bought by King's College.

King's College was a Christian liberal arts college offering two and four-year programs. The campus consists of the main hall and dormitories (formerly Briarcliff Lodge), a music building, science center, gymnasium, and a running track.

The college went bankrupt in 1994 and the buildings were abandoned and boarded up. Currently there are plans to demolish all the buildings and build a retirement community on the site.

Last year, while exploring the abandoned college (i.e, trespassing), we found an old letter from 1926 on Briarcliff Lodge stationary under the floorboards.

Disclaimer: Urban exploration can be fun but dangerous. This writeup should not be taken as encouragement for unauthorized persons to visit.

On September 21, 2003, the Briarcliff Lodge burned down under suspicious circumstances. The Lodge was scheduled for demolition the following week, according to Barrington Ventures, the owners of the site. Briarcliff Manor Fire Chief William Ventura called the fire "suspicious" and said that the fire spread unnaturally. The 1902 building was almost totally destroyed by fire, but most of the post-1912 ones remain.

"Sit with me by the homestead hearth, and stretch the hands of memory forth to warm them by the fireside blaze" - inscription above the mantleplace of one of the lodge's fireplaces.

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