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Despite The Dreaded Canadian's comment, The Brick Brewing Co. is still an independent beer producer.

Brick Brewing, established in 1984, is one of Canada's largest independent beer producers. Revenue for the first six months of 2000 was 11.8 million dollars. Brick Brewing is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol BRB.

Some original Brick brews include Red Baron, Amber Dry and Waterloo Dark, with the latter being one of their best-known. Other well-known brands which are now owned by Brick include Algonquin Honey Brown and Formosa Springs Light.

The Company is also a licensed brewer in Canada for Henninger Kaiser Pils of Germany, Andechs of Kloster Andechs Monastery of Bavaria, and Celis White from Celis Brewery of Austin, Texas. Brick also brews OV in 6.5 ounce bottles for distribution in the United States by the Miller Brewing Company.

Brick Brewing does most of their production in their Formosa facility. Formosa brews and packages beer, while the Waterloo facility is dedicated to brewing only.

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