Bridgewater, New Jersey, USA

There is also a Bridgewater in New Jersey that was chartered by King George II of Great Britain in 1749. The name was derived from the town Bridgwater in the county of Somerset. Coincidentally, Bridgewater Township is located in Somerset County here as well. I live in Somerset County and once upon a time was quite interested in Colonial history, in particular the life of William Alexander, who was a Major General in George Washington's army. The Middlebrook encampment took place in what is now Bridgewater. It was during this time William Alexander, also known as Lord Stirling, discovered a plot against George Washington and thwarted it. Like many other areas, the land was "purchased" from the Native Americans, in this case, the Lenape tribe.

Our Bridgewater also has rivers and railways, but had once been predominately farmland, forests, and fields. The Bridgewater Commons is a shopping mall with a multiplex movie dinner theater. Several sports arenas as well as numerous suburbs and industrial complexes have slowly built up. There never was a castle here, to the best of my knowledge. It has roughly the same number of inhabitants as its counterpart across the Atlantic, although according to A National Geographic article, there is an unusually high number of twins and triplets born in Bridgewater, N.J. perhaps due to an equally high number of fertility clinics in the area.

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