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Not to be confused with the musical Brigadoon, although that is obviously the source of this title.

Lexx 2.18: Brigadoom

Our heroes are headed for the center of the Universe, hoping they can escape Mantrid's destruction for just a little longer. A building appears in their path; at first, Stanley Tweedle is going to let the lexx eat it, but Xev tells him to stop, because people inside it are singing Kai's song.

They go to investigate and discover that this building is a Brunnen G theater. It is no longer part of time and space; it simply appears from time to time to perform its show: the story of the last battle of the Brunnen G against His Divine Shadow. It is Kai's story, and they invite him to play his own part in the performance.

As Kai steps onto the stage, his black clothing, a cruel mockery of Brunnen G fashion, turn into the brightly colored tunic and pants he wore in life. He sings about his desire to go beyond his shielded planet where people never grow old but live in fear of doing anything, because they might die if they do.

Then Xev is invited to play Kai's girlfriend. She at first tells him that if he wants to leave, that's fine, but she might not be waiting when he comes back. Xev is not happy with this, but it's what happened, so she can't change it.

Kai goes to see the Time Prophet, who tells him that the Brunnen G will be destroyed by His Divine Shadow, but Kai himself will be the last and will destroy the Divine Order in turn. He returns to his planet to convince his people to at least die fighting. They lock him up at first, believing that he brought destruction to them by going outside the shield. But his girlfriend returns and breaks him out, and together, they convince the young to fight. The old have decided they are glad to die at last, so they will not help.

As the show is going, Stan is growing more and more impatient and finally takes off in the moth, saying that Xev and Kai are welcome to stay forever if they like, but he is going to the center of the universe. But he can still hear the show as he flies away. He can not help listening as they sing of the young Brunnen G fighting and dying, but doing so proudly. Although they are all destroyed, as the narrator says, "They found a good way to die."

Stan returns at this point and asks Xev and Kai to join him, not to keep running, but to turn and fight Mantrid when he comes. They may still die, but at least they will die fighting. So far as I can recall, it is the only truly brave decision Stan ever made, and he did it when even Xev and Kai faltered.

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