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The Broadcasting Entertainment Cinematograph and Theatre Union or BECTU is the British Trades Union representing staff (whether employed, contract or freelance) working in broadcasting, film, theatre, entertainment, leisure, interactive media and allied areas who are primarily based in the United Kingdom.

The Union was established in 1991 by the merger of the Association of Cinematograph Television and Allied Technicians or ACTT which was a union representing technical workers in film production and the Broadcasting and Entertainment Trades Alliance or BETA. BETA was itself the product a prior merger in 1989 between the Association of Broadcasting Staff or ABS (which represented BBC staff) and the National Association of Theatrical Television and Kine Employees or NATTKE a union for theatre and music hall employees.

BECTU has around 26,000 members, and is affililated to the Labour Party, Trades Union Congress, the General Federation of Trade Unions and the Federation of Entertainment Unions.

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