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Brock is a word for a badger or a badger's den.

It is also the name of an important dwarf in Norse mythology.

After Loki cut off Sif's hair, he went to the dark elves - the Svartalfar - and got them to make hair of gold, the ship Skidbladnir, and the spear Gungnir.

He then went to Brock, a dwarf, and bet his head that Brock's brother the smith (sometimes called Sindri, sometimes Eitri) couldn't make three superior artifacts.

Brock worked the bellows while his brother forged the magical items; Gullinbrusti, the golden boar given to Frey, the ring Draupnir, and the hammer Mjollnir. But during the forging of Mjollnir, a fly bit Brock on the forehead, which made him stop working the bellows for an instant, and the hammer was marred slightly.

The Aesir judged Mjollnir to be better than the other gifts, so Brock demanded Loki's head. Loki argued that he could have the head, but couldn't touch his neck; frustrated, Brock sewed Loki's lips together to shut him up.

I think that Brock and his brother also forged the chain named Gleipnir, that bound Fenris.

A Gym Leader in Pokémon games and anime series. Tall guy with dark, "spiky" hair. Keeps eyes very narrowly open (never opens them enough that we could see the color of the eyes..). Single and can't resist lovely women. He's often described as the Captain Obvious of the series, always stating the deepest foundation of the issues... =)

He's famous for developing various Pokémon training methods and making very good Pokémon food. Also the cook and chief bottle washer of Ash's company.

Has Onix, Geodude and Vulpix (whom he got from Suzie, a fellow training expert - he gave Vulpix back later on).

He leads the Pewter City gym. In the beginning of the story, Brock was responsible not only to lead the gym, but also to feed the family, several brothers and sisters of his. After Ash beat him, his father took care of the family and Brock joined Ash's company.

(The latest was IIRC. Brock joined the crew early in first season of the show, it's been a while since I last saw the episode.)

Brock (?), n. [AS. broc, fr. W. broch; akin to Ir. & Gael. broc, Corn. & Armor. broch; cf. Ir. & Gael. breac speckled.] Zool.

A badger.

Or with pretense of chasing thence the brock. B. Jonson.


© Webster 1913.

Brock, n. [See Brocket.] Zool.

A brocket.



© Webster 1913.

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