The first thing I thought of upon reading tastes that, surprisingly, go well together was brown sugar and cheese, for me the ultimate example of backcountry flavor, the principle that everything tastes better on trail. (A direct corrolary to backcountry flavor is that hiking, camping, and backpacking trips tend to be times when you eat things that might otherwise never cross your lips.)

Anyway, brown sugar and cheese are two foods that sound like a disgusting combination at sea level, and are. As I wrote in my backcountry flavor writeup, however, they completely rule the world at altitude after a few hard miles. Add a little bread, and you've got your simple and your complex carbohydrates, and your fats, and chances are that's everything your body was craving at that exact moment. It's wonderful. But don't try it at home, unless home is camp after a goodly bit of hiking.

For a truly stupendous brown sugar and cheese treat, wrap chunks of cheese liberally sprinkled with brown sugar in a tortilla. It's the best cold burrito I've ever tasted.

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