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Bruce Boxleitner is an American actor born on May 12, 1950 in Illinois. He is best known for his science fiction roles in the original movie Tron and for playing Captain John Sheridan in Babylon 5.

During the filming of the first season of Babylon 5, actor Michael O'Hare, who played Captain Jeffrey Sinclair, was suffering from a severe mental illness. He realized he couldn't fulfill the role and producer/writer J. Michael Straczynski found a replacement actor. Since Straczynski didn't want to just abandon O'Hare, he had him come back to finish out his story arc which required a lot of extra time to fill. After O'Hare died, Straczynski gave an interview and explained what happened as per O'Hare's wishes.

The show had to rewrite the part for the lead to be Boxleitner's new character. His appointment was an antagonistic choice since he was able to take out a whole Minbari cruiser using some crafty tactics. He was known as Starkiller, and his work with Delenn was difficult at the beginning.

As they grew to trust one another, the characters fell in love. Boxleitner did an impressive job in having his character change over time. The last episode of the series is still a tear-jerker even after multiple viewings.

Boxleitner's career is still ongoing. He played other memorable roles in movies, such as Kenny Roger's sidekick in the Gambler movies and starring alongside former Charlie's Angels member Kate Jackson in Scarecrow and Mrs. King.

While Boxleitner does appear at sci fi cons, he works well in front of a microphone but he has a less than friendly reputation when dealing with him one-on-one. Many find him dismissive and rude, to the point where people have stopped watching his work.

Bruce was also married to Melissa Gilbert of Little House on the Prairie fame. She was also a president of the Screen Actors Guild and played John Sheridan's wife on Babylon 5 before he killed her in a nuclear blast.

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