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The Brunnen-G Fight Song is the hymn sung by the Brunnen-G warriors in Lexx, the popular Canadian Science Fiction show. While, of course, not every fictional hymn merits explication (or even recognition), the Fight Song has something of a mysitcal, motivationally calming quality about it which merits some attention.

While no official lyrics have been revleaed by Slater Street Productions, various fan websites have come up with several takes on what is being said in the tune. After listening to the Song several times, and comparing it with some fan lyrics, I have chosen this to be representative:

Vee-Oh Aye-Oh
     (Fighters fight the fight)
Ohm Va-Ah-Ray
     (For their home and their heart)
Vee-Oh Aye-Rah
     (We fighters will win or die)
Jair-Room Brunnen-G
     (Forever we are the Brunnen-G)
Originally sung by the Brunnen-G in battle, the hymn went into remission as the race of warrior-poets began to fear death more and more, to the point of condemning themselves to sterile isolation. No longer was the song sung in battle, for there were no more Brunnen-G battles fought in the Light Zone.

Kai tells this story twice during the show's running: once in the opera house at the end of the universe, and again in a pub in Newfoundland, towards the wind-down of the series. When Kai was still alive, the last of the Brunnen-G came out of their seclusion to battle Mantrid - a Divine Shadow. Singing in battle, the Brunnen-G charged to their certian doom, knowing all along they would not live to see a better day. The final battle ended with Kai perishing, while attempting a suicide-attack on the Mantrid ship. He sung to the very end.

Each time the song is sung through the series, it has a distinct variance to it; yet, it always rings with the same spirit and romanticism.

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