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In the night of the time, there is my origin. I have entered your darkness to give a gift for mankind. You do not dare utter my name, albeit you recognize who I am (I am feeding from your pride and hate, you know).

I am the the echoes of your anger, and the mirror that reflects your avarice and give me power. I slide throug the lives that do not achive to know where is the way that opens the door of good and evil.

Come to me. Let me dwell in your inside. You will not notice this, since I am the wishful and the dark in you.

I buy your dreams in exchange of your soul (how much your god is capable of pay for?). I am who I am, and I am the light bearer. Be your cloak the cover of my light and love. Pain is soft, and death will be sweet.

Take me, and the wind will make a song with the eternal fire that will seal our link. Take my blood; mix it; drink it; and burn it. My blood will blaze, and this will be the only way you could love me. Do I am saying, as this is the Law. But do not believe me. Just drink: this is just the way.

The above words were said to bruxa MarĂ­a de Zuzaya by a fallen angel (Gallician legend)

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