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Bubastis is a city of ancient Egypt located in the Nile delta close to modern Zagazig. During its history it was a titular see of Lower Egypt and home to the Temple of Bubastis. The ruins of the city are known as Tell Bastah. The original name of the city was Bast, which is a direct reference to the local goddess Bastet

The first settlement of the region took place around the 3rd millennium BCE. During the 13th Century BCE, the city becomes more developed as Egpyt itselfs grows and becomes more powerful. In 945 BCE, Pharaoh Sheshonk I made the city the capital, though this only lasted for brief time. In 350 BCE, much of the city was destroyed by the Persians.

The temple and worship of Bastet, the cat goddess, is how the city became famous. Every year there was a celebration with excessive wine and free sex. There was also a large cat cemetery to the west of the town.

The city also spent time as a titular see of the Catholic church. There are several times the city is mentioned in church history; once at Nicaea by Meletius and again when Gabriel interfered with the election of the Patriarch Cyrillus. In 1102 the city is mentioned again, but this time without the titular before it.

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