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a smoking device which uses a small amount of water for filtration. strictly used for tobacco, and tobacco ONLY!

Stay In School, Kids.

One of the better birthday presents I received last year. It is quite impressive in design and gets alot of use, but was unfortunately given to me by someone I was hoping to keep at a distance. However, knowing that I smoke herb and having access to a mutual friend who blows exsquisite glass pieces enabled this guy to endow me with something he thought would score him coolness points and advance his attempts to get in my pants. His plan, although cunning, was not a success. I often enjoy puffing on his gift, but haven't spoken with him in 7 or 8 months, and have since enjoyed a brief but fun fling with our glass-blowing mutual friend.

"Bubbler" is a term used in Rhode Island to denote what is commonly called a drinking or water fountain, despite the fact that those terms obviously denote the large statues found outside of rich people's homes that squirt water out of various orifices.

The term originated from office water coolers (the kind with the upside-down jug on top of them). These created large, loud bubbles in the jug when operated. The scope of the term then broadend and it is now applied to anything operated by a button or lever that provides drinking water.

As stated above, this term is apparently also used in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is quite new to me, I was always under the impression that only Rhode Islanders used this word, unique unto us in the same way that Del's Lemonade, high taxes, and corrupt politicians are. (The latter two are unique in their quantity, not quality.)

I have never before heard the word used, or had it interpreted in, the context of drugs before I visited this node, but then, I'm not with that crowd.

Bub"bler, v. t.

To cheat; to deceive.

She has bubbled him out of his youth. Addison.

The great Locke, who was seldom outwitted by false sounds, was nevertheless bubbled here. Sterne.


© Webster 1913.

Bub"bler (?), n.


One who cheats.

All the Jews, jobbers, bubblers, subscribers, projectors, etc. Pope.

2. Zool.

A fish of the Ohio river; -- so called from the noise it makes.


© Webster 1913.

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