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Voiced by Stephen Root, Buck Strickland is one of the most outrageous characters on the animated TV series "King of the Hill". Buck is Hank Hill's eccentric boss. He is a womanizing, stereotypical redneck. Buck and Hank share a kind of bond that is unusual with a lot of employees and managers in real life. Though Buck has put Hank into a lot of situations Hank wishes he never got into, they still both maintain a kind of father-son relationship. Buck actually seems to me like the kind of boss I would want to have.

Buck is very, very un-orthodox in his management style. For instance: In one episode, Buck stands before his crew of employees to give the employee of the month award. Before Buck can say who the employee of the month is he hears the call of nature in the form of a bean burrito. Buck calls everybody into the bathroom with him. While in the bathroom Buck presents the award to Hank for the 41st time by slipping it under the bathroom stall.

Hank: Thank you Mr. Strickland. I wish you could see the look on my face right now.
Buck: (starts to open the stall) Well, that could be arranged!
Hank: Ahhh! No! (shuts stall door)

Buck is like the anti-boss. He doesn't really do any work, because he gives most of the workload to Hank and Hank is happy to comply. Everybody has or had some sort of boss they enjoy being around. That you don't mind being bossed by, because they're pretty cool people.

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