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Sergio Leone gave spaghetti westerns its excellent fame: from the 10 best movies he directed 5 and produced one. Non-Leone movies like A bullet for the general (Damiano Damiani, 1967) and The big silence (Sergio Corbucci) were heavily influenced by him. Only the comic spaghetti westerns were made great by others: Mario Girotti (Spencer, the fat) and Carlo Pedersoli (Hill, the thin), as our two Itallian heroes are called in real life; The two actors were more important than the directores of the movies they played in.

A lot of people think that they were American actors, which is also one of the reason why they were so famous (in the US): It is well-known (by non-American's) that American's don't like foreign movies, in particular subtitled ones. There humor is a mix of Laurel and Hardy , Chaplin and Keaton. But where the comic interactions between Laurel and Hardy had a balanced play of mimic and timing, the humor of Spencer and Hill had the subtlety of a fragmention bomb: lots of noise and something was always hit. The interaction between them consisted of competing with each to be the baddest boy of the class, to finaly teach the really bad guys a lesson. With their blank fists, ofcourse. Hill was the more `smart' one of the two, talked easily and had a annoying grin one his face, which was imposible to beat out of his face. Spencer gave the impression of a bear that was awaked in the middle of his winter sleep. Surprisingly enough of the two Bud Spencer was the real intellectual. Carlo Pedersoli was educated as a lawyer, but began his career as a swimmer before going in acting.

Unwashed and bad table manners would be the trademark of the Four Fists. After a bad Hill would go in his old and dirty clothes and sleeps on the ground. The sweat places under Buds arm comes together at the middle of his stomach. It makes their opponents much more recognizible: clothed very neatly with good fitting clothes, fine manners and a affected and patronizing way of talking. In short: the Wrong Gay. In fact their movies are one of the most homophobe movies made ever. The homo stands for everything that Bud and Terrence dislike: Authority, richdom and good taste.

List of their movies:

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