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Buddy Lee is the indestructible mascot for Lee Dungarees. Buddy is a silly little doll who somehow accomplishes amazing feats without ever actually moving under his own power. This makes the commercials that feature him utterly hilarious.

You Something Awful fans might be interested to know that Curry, the idiot featured in the 6-22-00 awful link of the day, is in the latest Buddy Lee commercial, in which he races Buddy in go-karts. He manages to sabotage the race, utterly destroying Buddy's kart, but Buddy still gets the girl because he still manages to finish the race, his battered kart limping across the finish line long after Curry wins. Play some Buddy Lee games at www.buddylee.com. You can even race against Curry and blow his stupid white ass up with anti-go-kart missiles.

If you don't know who Curry is, check out www.rubberburner.com. It won't take you long, and you'll be laughing for days. Or you will kill yourself. Either way, everybody wins!

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