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The bustling berg of Buffalo, Missouri is literally just down the road (US 65) from Urbana, Missouri. If you're looking for more than what Urbana offers then Buffalo is the way to go.

Buffalo is around three square miles in size, sitting in the middle of Dallas County. Actually, this city is the location of the county seat, so when it's time to pay your property taxes this is where you'd go if your property happened to be situated within its boundaries. Note that Urbana is partially in Dallas County and mostly in Hickory County.

Like most small towns, Buffalo is quite proud of their high school. You'll see their mascot everywhere. The retail environment is much improved when compared to places like Urbana. There's an actual McDonald's, a Pizza Hut, several gas stations, a large supermarket, and even a home improvement store and a (very small) Wal-mart. The Wal-Mart is more like a Dollar General in size. The big ones are out in Lebanon, Bolivar, and Camdenton, all around 31 miles away from Urbana. 

Because US 65 runs through Buffalo and it is on the way to the much larger metropolis of Springfield, Missouri, Buffalo gas stations are good places to pick up fuel cheaper than you'll find in the bigger city.

Buffalo has their own newspaper, the Buffalo Reflex. There's little traffic, and you can find a lot of small retail shops. Heck, there's even a Radio Shack still in existence here. Once a year there is a large shindig for the town and during the summer there's even a car show and cruise.

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