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A four-player game for the Amiga and PC developed by the now-defunct German company Kingsoft. At first glance, it appears similar to Bomberman, but it is in actuality a far superior game. For one thing, the gameplay is cooperative (although you can still fight among yourselves, and can backstab and bargain to your hearts content to ensure you stay alive).

Each level puts each of the four players (a punk, an alien, a caveman and a miner) at the far corners, and populates the rest of the grid with randomly placed blocks and computer-controlled enemies (which have different abilities and appearances).

The player's controls are massively overloaded : from one button and four directions, you can walk, lay blocks, lay bombs, lay mines, shoot fireballs, and lay five types of egg. Laying an egg costs you energy, and after a short time (if it's not blown up) will hatch into a computer-controlled creature on the player's side (a tank, painter, eater, etc.) or a health powerup (useful for giving a dying player some health).

There are two resources available to the player : Power, which acts as health and is used up when the player lays anything or is hit; and IQ, which determines how quickly their eggs hatch and how smart the resulting creatures are. One commonly used strategy is to build a 'sanctuary' for your eggs and defend it from intruders.

The game is great fun and offers a wide variety of playing styles, leading to amusing conflicts between the players.

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