Bulk Barn is Canada's lagrest bulk food retailer.

The Bulk Barn company started in 1982, when Carl V. Ofield opened 3 stores. Franchises were soon opened in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Each of the over 60 stores carries over 4000 products.

Each store has many bins, with clear plexiglass lids and scoops. Each bin is labelled clearly with the name of the product and how much it costs, per pound and per 100 grams. The ingredients are also listed. For foods requiring preparation, there are pads of instruction sheets so that you can take one if needed.

Bulk Barn is a great place to shop because:

Here is a list of the types of foods you can find at Bulk Barn:

Other products sold include candy jars, baking sheets, Pinatas, cake decorating tools and related items.

Bulk Barn is one of the most fun stores to shop in, for adults and children alike.

To get in contact with Bulk Barn:
Send your letter to:
Bulk Barn Foods Limited
55 Leek Crescent
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 3Y2

For more information, and maps to the Bulk Barn nearest to you, see:

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Note: BulkBarn.com is in no way connected to the Bulk Barn food stores.

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