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A fast food sandwich served by Burger King in the late 1980s. It consisted of a long hamburger patty, a slice of cheddar cheese, two pieces of crispy bacon, a healthy slathering of Bullseye BBQ sauce, and all placed on a sesame-seed sub roll. Cost: $1.99 with a medium fries and a soda (1980s price, of course).

It's undoubtedly the most delicious sandwich ever served by Burger King, which of course means after about a month on the menu it was removed and no longer served. It made a brief comeback in the mid-1990s for about a week and then hasn't been seen since.

Do not confuse this with the McRib from McDonald's. The Bullseye Barbecue Sandwich is infintely better than the McRib and its ilk could ever hope to be. Hurry back, my friend.

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