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On the official website (http://www.wildpixels.com/bunchies/), Bunchies is described as "the incarnation of pure citrus joy; a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a glossy green skin".

Chances are, if you're looking at this node, you've already seen Bunchies at least once, likely as someone's avatar on an online forum. Its physical appearance resembles a chubby light green L shape with short legs, and its face consists of dark green eyes, a mouth with a constant open smile, and several chins going halfway down its neck. Sound familiar?

The creature was randomly created by Aaron St. Goddard, and the animated GIF (http://www.wildpixels.com/bunchies/Images/bunchies_clear1.gif), drawn shortly afterwards by Roel van Mastbergen, is now used as an avatar on several forums I've visited. A ton of fanart was also created, including some 3D models which were recently put up on the page as of January 28, 2004. Apparently, a film project and merchandise will come to fruition in the future, among other things. Seems like Bunchies has a big future ahead of it.

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