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Located on the Church Street in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, Burger Bar is the amusingly named home of cheap, greasy food and bad decor.

Generally, the food is similar to what you'd expect, yet so much more - to be precise more fat, more gristle.... However, the restaurant owners have obviously realised this may be off-putting to potential customers and therefore have adjusted the lighting so it's just too dark to see what that suspicious looking object on your plate actually is.

As far as location goes, it is perfectly placed to pick up customers trying to escape the cesspit that is Wolverton Agora and presumably capitalises on the fact that the only local alternative is a dodgy pub.

As the for decor - think red, dirty, plasticky seats, fixed in place just slightly too far back from the table. According to the Wolverton Society for Arts and Heritage, it contains a "really good selection of nicely framed and mounted copies of old photographs", which is news to me, but there you go. Presumably I've just never noticed them because of the gloom.

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