Burger Games is one of the very few companies producing tabletop roleplaying games in Finland today. It was founded in 1997 by Ville Vuorela, who is the sole employee. Apparently Vuorela named his company 'Burger Games' because of his fondness for hamburgers.

The games produced by Burger Games are of unusually high quality considering the very limited size of the Finnish roleplaying game market. This is especially striking since Burger Games is aiming its products at the Finnish market, and not the much larger UK or US markets. Their second game, Taiga, was written in English and released in the US by Renaissance Ink. Apparently there were quite a few problems with how Renaissance Ink handled the distribution of Taiga, so Vuorela has decided to concentrate just on the Finnish market.

They have published so far:
Miekkamies - fantasy game set in the 17th century, in Finnish
Taiga, "The roleplaying game of civilization's fall" - a game set in a bleak, post-holocaust, future
Mobsters - game set in the golden age of the American mafia. Free to download from their website
Praedor - a game based on the comics of Petri Hiltunen. Burger Games's most succesful product, and one of the best-selling Finnish roleplaying games ever.
Stalker - game set in the science fiction genre, based on the novel Roadside Picnic by Boris Strugatsky. Due to be released in 2004.

For more information see their website, www.burgergames.com.

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