Not the best onion rings ever. In fact, they taste about as much like real onions as Funyuns do. I challenge you to cut one open and try to find a relatively intact piece of onion. I don't think it is possible. I liken these to chicken nuggets, as the insides of chicken nuggets tend to not resemble anything qua chicken. Unless I get a microscope and start looking at the internal material of a Burger King onion ring, I cannot be sure that there really is any onion involved.

Kind of interesting that Burger King onion rings are all virtually the same size, eh? You say, "Maybe all of the onions they use are the same size." I say, "Take a look and open your eyes: an onion, being roughly spherical in shape, would have cross-sections of various diameter." I think it is obvious that Burger King is either doing some serious onion wastage, or they put their onions through some sort of blending process, and then form the ring shape, and then let it solidify. I actually hope it is the latter, because I'd hate to think that onions are being wasted when they could be used to feed hungry, onion-loving people.

For all their problems, they are a good substitute for Burger King fries, which I don't find to be very pleasant, and since such a substitution is permitted, I always take advantage of it when ordering a value meal.

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