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A snackfood of the cheesypoof variety, manufactured in Australia by the Smiths Snackfood company. Like Tim Tams, violet crumbles and vegemite, they are oddly delicious and appear to be a wholly Australian concept.

Touted as being burger flavoured, the crunchy orange rings have a distinctive aroma of onion with a hint of vegemite (which, by the way, is IMPOSSIBLE to remove from your hands) and a salty, piquant, MSG-laden taste, which is completely unlike any burger I have ever tasted, but addictive all the same.


Rice, corn, vegetable oil, salt, hydrolysed vegetable protein, whey powder, sugar, flavour enhancer (621), onion powder, yeast extracts, food acids (262, 330), flavours, colours (102, 110, 155), antioxidant (319).

Nutrition Information

per 50g packet:
Energy 1045kJ
Protein 3.2g
Fat 13.2g
-total 31.4g
-sugars 1.2g
Dietary fibre 0.8g
Cholesterol negligible
Sodium 525mg
Potassium 65mg

Nutritional information and ingredients from the back of a shiny orange and black burger rings packet

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