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Burgervile is a chain of fastfood restaraunts based in Vancouver, WA with a few dozen locations across the Willamette Valley and Southwest Washington. The chain was founded in 1961 by George Propsta, whose father, a immigrant from The Netherlands had started the Holland Restaraunt in downtown Vancouver. George followed up on his fathers success by starting the first Burgerville, a drive up\walk up restaraunt in downtown Vancouver, WA. It had a simple menu of burgers, fries and soda.

Over the years, Burgerville expanded in both locations and menu. Now, it has its location stretch over what could be said to be the extended Portland\Vancouver metropolitan area, and its menu has similarly extended. The menu now features many Northwest specific items, such as the Tillamook cheese burger and the blackberry milkshake.

About twenty years ago, when I was young and poor and living in Battle Ground, WA, Burgerville had a really cheap, and not particularly quality menu. This was before my family and I were vegetarians, and we would often cruise by Burgerville more than once a day for 29 cent hamburgers. Now, it is quite the opposite, with Burgerville having some of the best food that could be found at a fastfood restaraunt. I can't vouch for any meat containing items, but the milkshakes are real milkshakes and the gardenburgers are quite well done. In addition, the decor and overall atmosphere are much better than any other fast food place I can think of. However, the price is a little bit higher than it would be at McDonalds or Burger King, with most items ranging from three to six dollars.

Sources : http://www.burgerville.com , hanging in The Couve for the past 20 years.
Dedicated to Tiffany

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