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Creating Fresh Burns with Stage Makeup
  • On clean skin, apply a layer of red makeup about the size you would like the blister to be.
  • Apply a layer of petroleum jelly or vaseline over the red area.
  • Outline the petroleum jelly with a centimeter thick border of spirit gum.
  • When the gum becomes tacky, stick a piece of tissue paper(the translucent, white kind for wrapping presents... allthough you could experiment with blacks and greens for a septic, gangrenous effect) over the spirit gum. Using a natural bristle brush, feather the edges of the paper against the skin with another coat of spirit gum and cut away any excess.
  • When the spirit gum is dry, powder over the whole area. be sure to dust away any excess powder.
  • Use liquid latex around the tissue paper to hide the edges. As the latex dries, stretch and flex the skin underneath so the latex has a wrinkled, puckered appearance.
  • With pins or an X-acto knife carefully cut a slice into the tissue paper. The petroleum jelly will create a realistic looking oozing effect.
  • Apply base colors over the liquid latex to match the surrounding skin. Experiment with stippled red, white, and violet to give the puckered areas realistic depth and blistering.

Part of the Stage Makeup Metanode.

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