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Great old-style bridge (with hoardings and stuff) in Vancouver, joining Kitsilano with downtown along Burrard Street. It looms above Vanier Park and the Planetarium on one side and Molson's Brewery on the other. Homeless people live in the woods beneath it. End the Arms Race used to have a 120k-strong crowd march over it every year to protest war. The Bicycle People want it closed to car traffic and be a pedestrian / cyclist bridge / park / greenway.

There are few things better on Earth than walking across the Burrard Bridge early on a spring morning - especially from the downtown end of things over to Kitsilano.

The west sidewalk overlooks the mouth of False Creek. You'll see earlier-morning-than-you sailboats heading out to do whatever people do on sailboats that early in the morning. You'll see Grouse Mountain, perhaps with snow on it, depending on how early in spring you find yourself on the bridge. It's a clear morning - you can see every tree on the mountains. You may get shat on by a seagull, but don't worry, it's good luck. The morning breeze plays with the water below, provoking little white caps. The wind plays in your ears, drowning out much of the traffic noise. On the other side of the water, you see the big red and white stripy tent that's used for the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare festival. The Planetarium is over there too, you can see its oddly-shaped roof poking up over the trees.

Presently, you can smell hops and barley coming from Molson's Brewery. The bridge comes to an end, and the beer smell combines with the flowers that are planted in beds around the spaghetti intersection at the south end of the bridge. To complete this mental picture, turn right on Cornwall, and see the amazing pink blossoms of the Japanese Maple trees that line the street. A gust of wind picks up and you're encircled in tiny pink flowers. On your right is Siegel's Bagels. Go in. Have a hot bagel. Take a deep breath. Remember that life is beautiful.

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