Burst driving is a technique used in automobile mileage marathons to increase the mileage by upto 15%
While it cannot be used on a continuous basis, knowing the technique can help you get out of sticky situations.

The how :
Choose two arbitrary speed limits for your vehicle, one high and one low. The choice will depend much on the design of your engine and weight of the auto, and the best ones can be found by trial and error.
  1. Switch on the ignition, engage gear and floor the throttle accelerating through the gears until the upper speed limit is reached.
  2. Shift to neutral, cut the ignition and let the vehicle coast until it reaches the lower speed limit.
  3. Goto step 1.

The why :
An internal combustion engine reaches maximum efficiency when it is under full load. Accelerating flat out keeps it that way, and further more, with carburetted engines, the wide open throttle lets the engine breathe freely .This makes the intake mixture leaner than it would be under part throttle, and less gas is guzzled.


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