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Burton on Trent is a medium sized industrial town in East Staffordshire, a county in the Midlands of England.

Its main industry is Brewing. Burton's town centre is dominated by the Bass Brewery. Althaugh this is quite a modern factory - there have been breweries on this site for over 500 years! Accordingly, the town's chief and only tourist attraction is the Bass Museum of Brewing.

Burton is somehere between the cities of Derby and Birmingham. Its railway station has direct links to both of these cities.

http://www.burton2000.co.uk seems to be the best source of Burton on Trent related history on the web.

Burton-On-Trent is probably most famous for being the centre of brewery. It is the original location and still a location of Bass brewery with its famous red triangle*. The Brewery is located directly next to the Marmite factory, owned by Unilever Bestfoods. Bass pay Bestfoods to take the yeast away from them. Marmite then use this as one of the ingredients in their products, Marmite and Bovril.
Approximately 2 miles out of Burton is a large village/small town called Branston. This is the original location for the production of Branston Pickle owned by Crosse & Blackwell.

Burton is clearly proud of its brewing history as can be seen by its statues. The most recognised statue being The Cooper. This is situated in the main shopping complex Coopers Square. It is a statue of a cooper adding the metal rings to a wooden cask. Most recently added in November 2001 was a giant statue of a hops spade. In the main shovel area there is a cut-out of a bottle shape in which pedestrians can walk under.

* The famous red triangle dates back to when Bass was first established. As many people were illiterate, Bass decided on using a simple logo that many people could understand for their product. Thus the red triangle was chosen and has stayed ever since.

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