"Instead of a stamp I used kisses. The Postman, says that's best to do. I'm sending a letter to Daddy, saying..."
- I'm Sending a Letter to Daddy
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

I can't even say, "It won't always be this way." It's just the part of the song where I get up again.

It is only:

What the confetti remembers of the parade.

What the bullet knows of flight.

It's just -

What you've taught me of Love.

You're the man who unmade the girl.

I owe you nothing, but the part of me that doesn't cry when hit.

You pressed your ear to my Mother's rolling belly and wished for a boy. I wanted nothing more than a lock on my door. I was a child who loved you and you beat me with words.

The man who beat your Mother lives inside you.

The man who beat my Mother lives inside you.

You are your Father's son.

I am saying these things so you will know that I am giving you the Daughter you deserve.

So you will know to stop calling yourself my Father.

(I buried my Father's daughter today and my son's Mother yesterday. I am not a Daughter, not a Mother, not a Wife. How am I still a Woman?)

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