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A nightly business highlights show on CNBC, whose name and style is inspired by ESPN's SportsCenter. Currently hosted by Ron Insana and Sue Herera, although Maria Bartiromo was the most hyped at the show's launch.

Business Center has occupied a few time slots, all of which start after the stock market closes. In the past, it has started at 6:00 PM and 6:30 PM, but it currently starts at 5:00 PM after Market Wrap (or Closing Bell). It is 90 minutes long, and is broadcast live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Insana and Herera anchor the show's presentation of the day's news and business highlights. Guest contributors from CNBC and the Wall Street Journal also offer their insights. The show takes place during after-hours trading and offers real-time updates on the markets both from analysts and CNBC's signature ticker.

CNBC has shifted its focus towards non-business news after hours as the economy hits a bear market and people are becoming increasingly worried about the state of world affairs. Business Center incorporates both business and non-business news, while serving as a gateway to The News with Brian Williams and the various commentary shows that dot CNBC's nightly schedule.

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