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it seems as though the world slows down when you come near and i've been left with the impression that time does, too. everything in slow motion, every movement caught in eternity and as i watch this physical anomoly i grow so weary. i see you take a breath, it seems like you take forever, and i'm taken back to the past..

back to when we never questioned the relevance of our days and where we always had time to sleep. you're still inhaling as i bring myself closer to the present, through all the misgivings of youth and the impotence of these growing pains i still can't shake.

a feeling of nausea sweeps over my body as i lurch forward into the unknown yet certain future.. and you're still breathing in the silent air. thoughts of losing you, of losing anyone--an eternal ache i've known to exist in me whenver i meet someone for the first time--is present here. together, release, and the tumultuous times ahead make me want to reach out and choke you..

i never want you to exhale again, i never want you to release this moment you're slowly sucking inside of yourself, i never want to feel my own young self growing old with the thoughts of a mind too mature for my body and the exuberant days that are still left ahead. but it's going too fast...

this eternity always leaves me hanging with a feeling of such expenditure and the sadness that accompanies it that i'm always too late to recognize what i have.

...and i'm left with an apathy too strong for this weak, time-cursed being to overcome.

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