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The C & O Canal was built to connect the Ohio River to the Chesapeake Bay, hence the name. The canal didn't make it that far though. This canal only connects Cumberland, Maryland to the Chesapeake Bay. The builders of the canal were going bankrupt and the canal obsolete before completion. These factors led to the termination of the canal in Cumberland.

The towpath of the C & O canal is now a 180 mile hiking and biking trail. This trail follows the Potomac River and is relatively flat. The only changes in elevation occur at the locks and dams along the canal. Scenery along the trail is somewhat bland. For the entire stretch of the canal, the river is on the right, the canal on the left, and trees creating a canopy over the path. The scenery doesn't change and can therefore get real boring when riding for an extended period of time.

The end of the trail in Cumberland houses a decent sized museum. This museum features objects from the C&O Canal and the associated time period. The Washington end of the trail has only a small visitors center. There also isn't a very distinct end. The trail just continues throught the park near Georgetown.

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