My Dad. The end of days.

Writing. Novelty, comprehension, Jason. sex

A move to Sweden or maybe New Zealand. Time off. Something must happen. My inability to address building pressures of inaction.

Spell farm! Life, but career. Money, "Another job. Stupid people." Perspective. Chancy luck, "Elitism." (Unfinished ideas.) Calumny and hubris. Accumulated wisdom. Sometimes, I don't like the way I think, I think. Repetition, repetition, the flaccid obsession over narrative and language.

Self awareness and option paralysis. Profit for fat, "Vitality from the waste!" Noisy systems. (The American Experiment is failing.) Unadvertised greatness is mediocrity. Lay traps for miracles. Asceticism led some men to self-mummify and others to worship them. Parsimony. Sex toys. Venture capital. Caloric intake, barbarism. Printemps. Horse hockey. Theramin computing, writing patterns, doing not waiting; >Prufrock< Greeblies. Research paralysis. Flip. Hentai! Inherited prism. Common senses, dwarves. She's better green anyway. Prooftexting fellatio. Tyranny of the majority! Blind luck. Evil-is-shorthand. Let's plague the midwest. Follows is an honest plea for a benefactor, a patron, a sugar daddy, or. Again, profit. The age-crime curve is the same thing as the age-genius(1) curve. Planes are my monastery. Where are the holy beggars?

Reinstallation. Poplar media. [sic] Massage. Senryu. Car cheeses excite us, though it's easier to reinforce. The man cannot write. Gorignak. Agriculture was our first mistake --> precipice. Cannoli. Hoist point sleeve only.

The problem chain. Invisible hand choking. Why queue? It's funny because it's unnecessary. Decision friction. Triple 20 is harder. You only want the point.

She fucking puppets that guy. Some people are more comfortable with slavery.

Grammar no language.

Carob. Clouds lay.

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