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CLEO is the name for the particle detector operating at CESR (the Cornell Electron Storage Ring). It is also used in reference to most everybody associated with CESR who happens to be doing research in high energy or particle physics.

CLEO stands for absolutely nothing. Somebody just thought it would be funny in light of CLEOpatra’s historical associations with certain CaESaRs. Ha ha.

CLEO is currently on its fourth life. The past couple decades have seen the rise and fall of CLEO, CLEO II, and CLEO II.V. CLEO III is now up and running with a whole bunch of neat new stuff. The CLEO apparatus consists of a four layer silicon vertex detector, a many-layered drift chamber, a Ring Imaging Cherenkov radiation detector (RICH), and a muon detector.
Cleo is a rather sexy looking, blonde morphic white cat from the "Heathcliff and the Catillac Cats" cartoon that was popular in the 80s. She is Riff Raff's girlfriend and can get pretty mischievous at times, as cats are prone to do.

One of the provocative things about Cleo was the fact that you really couldn't tell if she was wearing clothing or not. She had a prominent fuzzy line along her thighs that made her look like she was wearing something like a swimsuit, but there were no other prominent clothing lines. Since clothing tends to begin and end in most cartoon model sheets, this led to her clothing wearing status being uncertain, quantum effects notwithstanding.

Clothing or not, her vast fluffy fur kept her looking decent. What's surprising, though, is that she doesn't have a greater following in furry fandom.

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